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Cordstrap Engineers Out Risk

Cordstrap has always believed there is a better way. That’s why, for over 55 years, we have been dedicated to making the movement of goods safer. We continue to achieve this through a consultative, Protection Engineering approach which is designed to engineer out risk associated with goods that are on the move, enabling businesses to operate with confidence and thrive.
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Find Out How Using Cordstrap Can Help Your Company

We have trained staff to create load plans to work out the best load plan for your cargo.
Full range of cargo solutions all from one supplier improving logistics and streamline the ordering process.
Cordstrap products are CTU Code and CSS Code compliant. They are accepted and approved by regulatory bodies including the IMO, AAR, IMDG and DNV. We are fully ISO 9001 certified.
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Frequently asked questions

Is training provided?
We offer various training resources to help you use Cordstrap effectively. You can access our online library of videos and blogs that demonstrate and explain the features and functions of our products. For some regions, we also provide on-site training by our experts.
(Online training is located under the resources tab on our website navigation bar)
What is the breaking strain of cordstrap?
Cordstrap is a leading manufacturer of high-quality strapping solutions for various industries. Each product has a different breaking strain, which indicates how much force it can withstand before breaking. You can find the breaking strain of any product on its product page on our website.
How do I know what products I need?
During your consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your cargo securing needs with one of our Cordstrap experts. They will advise you on the best products for your specific situation and help you find the most effective and efficient solutions.
What are the most popular products?
If you need to strap your goods securely, we have two popular products for you. CC55 is a strong and cost-effective option that can bundle timber or fasten items to a pallet. CC105 is a heavy-duty option that can handle loads up to 2600 daN. It is ideal for securing heavy objects that need extra strength.
What tools do I need to use Cordstrap?
Cordstrap is a versatile product that can be used for strapping and lashing applications. To use it effectively, you need some tools that are easy to operate and maintain. Here is a list of the tools you need for each application:

- Strapping: You need a manual tensioner to tighten the strap around your load and a dispenser to store and dispense the strap. The same tools can be used for different types of strap products.

- Lashing: You have the option of using either a manual tensioner or a powered tensioner to secure your load with lashing. The powered tensioner is faster and more convenient, but the manual tensioner is more economical.

- Dunnage bags: You need an air compressor to provide compressed air and an inflator to fill the dunnage bags with air.

We offer all these tools at competitive prices and with excellent service.

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